Ground Zero – Dev Log #2

It’s been a while since the last update and rest assured this project is still under development. I had to put it on the shelf while I worked on Machinist’s Calculator. But now that that’s all wrapped up and just in the maintenance/update phase I have come back to work on Ground Zero.

First update, I think the code name I gave it might just end up being it’s final name, still not sure about that though……we’ll see.

Aside from putting it down to work on another more immediate project I also kind of ran into some problems with code not working and not knowing how to proceed…my life! But with time freed up and the resolve to finish this project I jumped back in and figured it out. My first issue was getting the Spawn script to work. I needed a randomly selected object to spawn randomly from one of several locations at an interval of time. My first attempt had one spawning every second from all of the spawn points at once, which was chaotic to say  the least. Sat down and spent a couple hours on the forums and finally figured out what I was doing wrong, simple code errors and then some simple noob mistakes like having the function written in the update method.

My second issue was getting the collision system working. As there are a number of objects that are meant to only react with certain other objects the collision system couldn’t be general. Working with Tags and then writing a script for each object I got that working last night. Now I know that writing a separate script for each object is not the most efficient but as programming is problem-solving I found a solution, and only time and practice will make me better at doing it in an efficient way.

So those were the major things that had sidelined me for quite some time, although finally just sitting down working through them I realized they weren’t as hard to solve as I thought. Although I give many thanks to those on the forums who help noobs like me out.


AdMob Earnings – October 2017 Income Report

Total Earnings: $1.25 (-$0.75)

Total AdMob Requests: 274 (-6)
Matched Requests: 274 (+14)
Impressions: 204 (+22)
Clicks: 10 (+1)

Impressions CTR: 4.90 (-0.05%) 
Impression RPM: $6.14 (-$4.82)

The earnings numbers above only reflect my AdMob account, as I have also have earnings from selling a couple apps on iTunes these are not my only earnings.

As the apps I built at the beginning of my journey I didn’t expect to have much of a shelf life this is seen in the numbers I have posting recently. There are only a few downloads a week for each app and it doesn’t look like much activity from those downloads so less people seeing the ads means less engagement which translates to less earnings.

So I put a hold on the project I had mentioned in my September Recap but will be revisiting this project within the coming weeks.

Machinist’s Calculator

A simple to the point app for calculating feed rates and speeds for machinists.

Currently able to calculate the following with more options on the way:
– Surface Feet per Minute (SFM)
– Revolutions per Minute (RPM)
– Inches per Minute (IPM)
– Feed per Tooth (FPT)

Check it out on the App Store!


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Should I Include my App Sales?

So I have received some feedback from some of you readers which has been great, but now I pose a question.

Should I include my app sales in my monthly earnings reports?

I am not sure if this information is at all helpful as about 70% of my apps are free.

Just thought I would pose the question.

AdMob Earnings – September 2017 Income Report

Total Earnings: $2.00

Total AdMob Requests: 280
Matched Requests: 260
Impressions: 182
Clicks: 9

Impressions CTR: 4.95%
Impression RPM: $10.96

So if you haven’t read my last post…..I SOLD MY FIRST APP!

Okay now that we have that out of the way, looking at my numbers you’ll see the ad performance of my previously released apps is not doing so hot, they have all but dropped off throwing a few coins in the bucket every so often.

I had assumed that the release of my latest app project, Stay Undead VR, would help to boost my ad revenue, but this did not happen. In fact from the numbers you’ll see it did pretty much nothing, and as this is a free app that was the only source of income I had anticipated from the project. Although I do not consider the project a loss as I had done it primarily to get my feet wet in VR and 3D modelling than for the potential income.

This month I have primarily focused on the development of my next project, one I plan on releasing for both iOS and Android. And revisiting an app I previously released to update and include new features. Hopefully I can get both projects out the door by early next week.

I Sold My First App!

So there was a utility app I had made back in the beginning of my journey. I had a need I needed to fill for myself and decided to build my own app to solve that need.

The app itself was a practice timer/tracker for when I practice guitar, but could also be applied to other instruments. Now when I originally posted the app to the App Store I made it a free app because well why not it was my first foray into developing apps and thought that it probably isn’t that good so no one would buy it.

And it stayed that way for a while. I did look at the other similar app offerings when I was planning my app and saw that there were some gaps in what they provided.

Fast forward a couple of months and thought what the heck why not try and sell it if for nothing else than to see if there is potential in possibly developing the app further. Since I created the app there are bigger features I am willing to tackle that don’t seem so scary anymore.

So I was slapped with surprise when I saw that recently the app has been purchased 3 times and only with the most basic of features. So now I am motivated to go back to the drawing board and develop the app a little further, as a thank you to those who have downloaded the app (whether they received it free in the early days or are one of the 3 who purchased it) and to challenge myself further.

I know to some reading this my excitement at 3 meager sales on an app that only sells for $1.39 CAD is likely hilarious but small achievements must be celebrated!

Ground Zero – Dev Log #1

So I will keep this post brief.

The purpose  of this post is to share that I have begun development on my next mobile game. Right now I am calling it Ground Zero, this is just its name during development as I haven’t come up with anything solid as of yet.

I will be sharing my development as I progress. So look out for my next post which will go into more detail.