Ground Zero – Dev Log #2

It’s been a while since the last update and rest assured this project is still under development. I had to put it on the shelf while I worked on Machinist’s Calculator. But now that that’s all wrapped up and just in the maintenance/update phase I have come back to work on Ground Zero.

First update, I think the code name I gave it might just end up being it’s final name, still not sure about that though……we’ll see.

Aside from putting it down to work on another more immediate project I also kind of ran into some problems with code not working and not knowing how to proceed…my life! But with time freed up and the resolve to finish this project I jumped back in and figured it out. My first issue was getting the Spawn script to work. I needed a randomly selected object to spawn randomly from one of several locations at an interval of time. My first attempt had one spawning every second from all of the spawn points at once, which was chaotic to say  the least. Sat down and spent a couple hours on the forums and finally figured out what I was doing wrong, simple code errors and then some simple noob mistakes like having the function written in the update method.

My second issue was getting the collision system working. As there are a number of objects that are meant to only react with certain other objects the collision system couldn’t be general. Working with Tags and then writing a script for each object I got that working last night. Now I know that writing a separate script for each object is not the most efficient but as programming is problem-solving I found a solution, and only time and practice will make me better at doing it in an efficient way.

So those were the major things that had sidelined me for quite some time, although finally just sitting down working through them I realized they weren’t as hard to solve as I thought. Although I give many thanks to those on the forums who help noobs like me out.


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