AdMob Earnings – October 2017 Income Report

Total Earnings: $1.25 (-$0.75)

Total AdMob Requests: 274 (-6)
Matched Requests: 274 (+14)
Impressions: 204 (+22)
Clicks: 10 (+1)

Impressions CTR: 4.90 (-0.05%) 
Impression RPM: $6.14 (-$4.82)

The earnings numbers above only reflect my AdMob account, as I have also have earnings from selling a couple apps on iTunes these are not my only earnings.

As the apps I built at the beginning of my journey I didn’t expect to have much of a shelf life this is seen in the numbers I have posting recently. There are only a few downloads a week for each app and it doesn’t look like much activity from those downloads so less people seeing the ads means less engagement which translates to less earnings.

So I put a hold on the project I had mentioned in my September Recap but will be revisiting this project within the coming weeks.


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