I Sold My First App!

So there was a utility app I had made back in the beginning of my journey. I had a need I needed to fill for myself and decided to build my own app to solve that need.

The app itself was a practice timer/tracker for when I practice guitar, but could also be applied to other instruments. Now when I originally posted the app to the App Store I made it a free app because well why not it was my first foray into developing apps and thought that it probably isn’t that good so no one would buy it.

And it stayed that way for a while. I did look at the other similar app offerings when I was planning my app and saw that there were some gaps in what they provided.

Fast forward a couple of months and thought what the heck why not try and sell it if for nothing else than to see if there is potential in possibly developing the app further. Since I created the app there are bigger features I am willing to tackle that don’t seem so scary anymore.

So I was slapped with surprise when I saw that recently the app has been purchased 3 times and only with the most basic of features. So now I am motivated to go back to the drawing board and develop the app a little further, as a thank you to those who have downloaded the app (whether they received it free in the early days or are one of the 3 who purchased it) and to challenge myself further.

I know to some reading this my excitement at 3 meager sales on an app that only sells for $1.39 CAD is likely hilarious but small achievements must be celebrated!


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