Review: Begin to Code with C# by Rob Miles

Anyone who has read my previous posts would know that I am new to programming and game development, two areas that I ventured into in the attempt to teach myself something that I was interested in. When I first started out I had decided to teach myself some basic programming and started with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. Once I got the basics down I moved onto learning Java. In all truth I was bored with this process and then jumped into iOS development learning Swift in the process as it was more project based and I enjoyed having “final products” to show for my efforts. From this it wasn’t a far leap to tackle C# using game development as what was going to keep that project oriented feel I was enjoying

Wanting to tackle more of the basics of C# I scoured the internet for a good recommended resource and fell upon “Begin to Code with C# by Rob Miles. Others had mentioned it was a good book for the basics. With this knowledge in hand I went where I always go when I want to find a book, my local library branch. I jumped onto their online catalogue and found that they had a copy of this book available, put a hold and requested it be sent to my local branch for pickup. When I finally received the started by reading the first few pages and I found the content easy to read and easy to digest, which is exactly what I was looking for.

Begin to Code with C# - - Layout

Unfortunately I ran into my first road block that was going to make it harder for me to continue using this book as a teaching tool. The sample code used throughout the book to explain simple concepts and give the reader the chance to try them out for themselves was and still is only available for those using a Windows OS. I have use a MacBook so my version of Visual Studio does not run the code that is available for download. I contacted the writer Rob Miles by email (he got back to me less than 24 hours later, which beyond amazed me!), to see if I just wasn’t looking in the right place, but no he confirmed that the sample code is only written for those in the PC environment. So sorry mac users who don’t have access to Windows you won’t be able to follow along with the code.

Now if this book was sub-par then that would’ve been a wrap but I haven’t returned the book to the library yet which says a lot. Even though I am not able to use the code I have kept the book and still continue to read it, as even the sample code is written in a way that I can understand what is going on even without having to open and use it for myself, this says a lot for how this book presents the information within it’s pages.

The author has written a great book for those trying to learn C# without having to attend a formal class, and does so in a way that is both refreshing and easy to follow. Even the little sample projects he provides are easy to grasp and I attempted without having the starter code which goes to highlight how simple everything is to follow.

My only suggestion is to provide the sample code in more than one format especially considering how prominent the MacOS environment is. Others have followed suit and it would’ve been nice had this book done the same.

If any of you have given the book a try I would really like to hear what you thought, or if you have additional suggestions please let me know.


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