AdMob Earnings – August 2017 Income Report

Total Earnings: $0.34

Total AdMob Requests: 590
Matched Requests: 559
Impressions: 290
Clicks: 2

Impressions CTR: 0.69%
Impression RPM: $1.17


Yet another month where I haven’t published any new apps. Well technically I launched Undead VR on August 30th. This was one of projects I had mentioned in my last earnings update. Then I had the thought that this project was probably more fitting for an October release. Although since it’s launched it’s not performing as well as I had hoped it would. Although to be honest as my first VR game and the fact that I still consider myself new to all of this it likely could use some work.

So I am still working away on project #2. I have also spent some time brushing up on my modelling skills. I am getting acquainted with Blender to create 3D models, and as with everything else I am working through it and teaching myself, with the help of free resources on the internet. This time I even visiting my local library to grab some books on game development and Blender. I will be sure to share if I come across anything useful.




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