AdMob Earnings – July 2017 Income Report

Total Earnings: $0.93

Total AdMob Requests: 1360
Matched Requests: 1302
Impressions: 456
Clicks: 11

Impressions CTR: 2.41
Impression RPM: $2.04



Okay so still no new apps published and from my earnings you can tell that the previous apps I published didn’t have much of a long shelf-life in terms on potential income. I should also point out at this time that all the apps I have published to date are free to download.

I currently have two projects underway that I am excited about, one is a VR app so that has eaten up a good bit of my time. Especially when you consider I am learning everything as I go along so everything takes 2x as long, sometimes 3x as long.

I usually post these monthly recaps at least a week after the end of the month but this one is going up late. So in a couple days time the August report will be posted. I am planning for September to be a very active month as I re-organize myself and get a bearing on my direction now that I have learned quite a bit (still a long way to go though).


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