AdMob Earnings – June 2017 Income Report

Total Earnings: $5.10 (-$6.58)

Total AdMob Requests: 5029 (+737)
Matched Requests: 5015(+748)
Impressions: 2542 (+184)
Clicks: 25 (-2)

Impressions CTR: 0.98% (-0.17%)
Impression RPM: $2.01 (-2.95)

*The values are compared to the previous month.

Okay so I didn’t do so hot this month, however I didn’t publish any new apps so the earnings from this month are from the same apps I had in May. And admittedly the apps I have published I didn’t think would have a very long shelf life so the earnings for June are what I expected.

So what have I been spending the month of June doing? Well my full-time job picked up hence the lack of blog posts and apps published. Instead of working on new apps I have been working on my programming skills in general watching Lynda and YouTube videos. I challenged myself to build a game in Unity using C# from scratch (idea to finished product). I developed the idea and have a very basic working prototype of the game and will just be spending some time to polish it up.

I am also working on something new this month and I will be writing a post once some time has passed.

If there is anyone out there who would like to share their story please leave a comment, I would love to hear what some of you are up to.


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