Finding a Dev Team

So the other day I was trying to find a way to work on a project but couldn’t come up with anything on my own. Clearly I need to work on being creative. Maybe I’ll buy a sketchbook or something.

Anyway in my search to find a team to work with I realized I didn’t really know anyone in my life that shared the interest of coding or development (of any kind). So I did what most people would do. I turned to the internet to search for a group of strangers that would let me work on a project with them.

This search brought me to where people can post a project they need help on, the kind of help they need, and then connect and collaborate with others who are willing to offer that help. Now being that I am not a strong programmer just yet I decided to work on the art assets for a project I was able to find on the site. I encourage all out there to either post their own project or jump on that of another’s. It’ll offer an opportunity to grow at a faster rate while also making connections with other like-minded individuals. And who knows if the project is successful maybe you’ll continue working with that group and a more substantial internet friendship is born.

When I can share more about the project I will. So keep posted.


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