Switching Gears Again!? iOS Development

If I have learned nothing these past few months, is that things are constantly changing. I have somehow managed to find the time to make a couple apps, and even publish them to the app store. Now for anyone who has read my previous posts, the first question would be “I thought you were tacking web development?”, “What about JavaScript?”, “Why do you keep jumping around?”

The simple answer,

Because I can!

Now I don’t mean this to be rude or come off as harsh, but as I mentioned previously, learning to code on the side from all my other responsibilities and commitments is hard sometimes. I work full-time, active in sports, and volunteer ever other weekend, on top of commitments with friends and family. Now in no way are these excuses, I still have been finding the time to learn. So if that means reading on my morning commute, listening to podcasts while at work or doing the dishes, staying up an extra hour to work out a problem I am doing it.

It just means that to keep things from becoming a chore, or less that interesting I go with wherever my interests takes me. And now that I have gotten a bit of the programming thought process down I am enjoying the mobile development realm because I can have an idea, scale it to my abilities (with room to be a bit out of my comfort zone), and develop and have a finished product that I can share, it makes me feel like I am making a ton of progress. Now in now way will the apps I have made win any awards but it has given me a sense of accomplishment throughout this process.

I am still learning Web Development, it’s just there isn’t as big a forum to share what I have created. One day maybe I can pull this all together into a bigger project, but for now I am just enjoying the process.


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