HTML down, CSS & JavaScript to Go!

So as I mentioned in my last post, I was following the Front-End Developer Lynda learning path. So far I’ve completed;

  1. Becoming a Web Developer: Full Stack vs. Front End
  2. Foundations of Programming: Fundamentals
  3. User Experience Fundamentals for Web Design
  4. Foundations of UX Accessibility
  5. HTML Core Concepts

And now that I have the HTML under my belt, I am starting on the CSS course, CSS: Core Concepts. And to supplement my learning along with doing the exercises included in the course I have taken on the task of redeveloping my friends blog site. This is something I am doing to give myself the opportunity to practice what I have learned in a more tangible way than doing mini exercises. I think it also helps in that I can contribute more as I learn more. It’s kind of like a working project that I can continually contribute to as I learn more.

I will be setting up a GitHub repository soon to store my working files for anyone that would like to take a look. I’ve come to learn that the programming community is actually very helpful and with so many self-taught individuals really does the appreciate the value of passing it forward. So look forward to that soon.

It’s finally feeling like I’m making progress. If there is anyone with some good resources they are willing to share (blogs, videos, articles, etc.)¬†please leave a comment I would love to check it out.


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