Switching Gears

After tackling some Java, I have decided instead to focus on HTML, CSS, & JavaScript.

Now this change comes more from being exposed to this realm of programming and just genuinely enjoying the process of learning it. I was enjoying Java but was having some level of difficulty grasping the concepts. Now this isn’t necessarily because I found it hard, but more that I just couldn’t find the time to dedicate a learning plan to.

I was also having an issue finding projects to work on to practice my skills that I enjoyed doing with my limited capabilities. So I have moved on to what I guess is known as front-end web development. I have been following the Lynda.com learning path “Become a Front-End Web Developer”. The style of teaching is one that bodes well with my learning style.

I am a very project based learner and find it very easy to grasp concepts when I am able to apply them. Probably why I enjoyed playing with K’NEX, Lego, and building models as a kid. I even got a microscope once as a kid that had a projector style screen and I went around making slides of just about everything I could get my hands on until I just about broke all of the slide glass. Not to say the magnifications was more that I could probably see with the naked eye and a bright light but I was amazed to say the least.

It looked a little something like this, not exactly this model, and was black.

Example of my childhood “toy” microscope.





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