How I’m Learning to Code: Java Edition

So in the spirit of sharing, I have had a small number of people ask me how I have been teaching myself to code. Truthfully only two people have asked me, but I thought, hey what not share the methods to my madness with the internet. I am sure there are those out there who have written more extensive/thorough guides. However for those out there like me, who want the opinion of someone who has really no prior exposure or experience, and really is starting from nothing, here you are.

So like most people with access to a reliable internet connection it all started with a Google search, or several Google searches, “how to learn to code”, “how to code”, What code language should I learn?”

After doing my fair share of “googling” (not an official verb but by now it really should be) and reading any relevant article I could find, I settled on learning Java. My main motivator were the free resources available to learn Java. The first free resource was a publically available Stanford course, that was originally distributed some time ago, “CS106A Programming Methodology”. The course is taught by Mehran Sahami, and he really does a great job of delivering the material. The course is for those who don’t have any prior knowledge. You can find the lectures on YouTube, iTunesU, various Stanford official websites. I’ll provide links below.

So I was going along and listening to lectures and following along with the assignments, but then I got a little bored with the process. So I jumped onto Coursera, a site I had used before for other learning endeavours, Coursera is a MOOC (Massive Open Online Course) provider, and enrolled in the Introduction to Game Development. There I was able to apply some of what I had been exposed to to tangible projects. Now although I had committed to learning Java, this was not the coding language used for this course. Unity, the game engine, that was used in this course was compatible with C+ and JavaScript. I wasn’t looking to learn a new coding language per say just a way to make coding a more fun experience.

All this to say I sought out a variety of learning resources, and when I felt I wasn’t getting something from one resource, I went looking to fill the gap. I would love to know some of the resources those reading this might have used, or are currently using as I am always looking for new ways to learn.




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