When Technical Difficulties Get In Your Way.

Okay so I know I promised myself on this public platform I’ve created to post a new project every week, and I am working on that, but I have run into a pretty sizeable roadblock.

How do I get my games onto my blog?!!

I looked this up in advance of making the commitment and thought it would be a pretty straightforward process. Turns out not as straightforward as I thought because I didn’t buy a domain. I am thinking of using itch.io as a platform and just providing a link.

I liked the idea of having everything in one place. Well when you run into roadblocks you just have to find the detour.

So bear with me I figure this out, I’ll get everything up and running in no time.

Now if anyone might know of a solution, please go ahead and let me know in the comments. Might warrant me sending you a sweet treat, wherever you may be!!


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