A New Game a Week?!

Welcome back!

Okay so I have figured out how I am going to keep myself on a dedicated path in terms of learning and putting those newly acquired skills to the test. I have decided I will be posting a “new” game every week!

Now there is a perfectly reasonable explanation for why I put the word new in quotes, and that is because I am not going to lie to myself and more importantly the many people who may stumble across this blog (who are we kidding, “Hi Mom!”). I am not quite yet at the point in my coding ability to build a new game from scratch every week. Hopefully I can get to that point, but for now I’ll be starting with content I am able to produce by following tutorials. And this way if there is anyone else out there who is also learning, then they are able to find such resources if they already haven’t.

So there is the commitment, written plainly in binary that is presented as letters. Maybe not as binding as ink on a page but a commitment nonetheless. So check back soon, i’ll be starting off this commitment by posting a couple of projects that I have worked on since I have started this journey of self development.

Wish me luck, and let me know if any of you are working on anything, I would love to check it out.


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