Welcome to Indie Dev. Gazette

Hello to whoever may be reading this.

Pardon my appearance, this is the digital equivalent of rolling out of bed. I really wanted to start working on getting a post out there. So i’ll  worrying about the aesthetics of the site as time goes on, once i have put together a clearer picture of what that will look like. Now on with the show.

Welcome to Indie Dev. Gazette, my new project to help me document my progress as I learn to code. So what makes this platform any different from the number of content producers already out there focussing on similar subject matter. As someone who is going through the process of self-teach myself coding? programming? One thing I found and was recommended by others who had walked a similar path was putting my skills to the test and finding a community would be my greatest assets in the process.

So in an effort to better organize my efforts and hopefully develop a community of other like-minded individuals I have started this blog.

So again welcome, hope you enjoyed this little quick introduction, and I hope you will tag along. Check back soon for a quick Q & A with a little more about me and why I wanted to learn programming.


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